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Fire Origin and Cause Investigation

The Oakbrook Terrace Fire Protection District promotes a safe community and reduces fire incident frequency, monetary loss, and resulting injuries and deaths through a professional and comprehensive investigative process encompassing origin and cause of fires as well as the arrest and conviction of fire starters. We believe in preventing fire losses by studying and learning from actual events.

This is why we exist to promote and improve educating and training of origin and cause investigations, with our dedicated efforts against arson. Understanding the cause of such incidents is the key to preventing them in the future. The Fire Investigations Unit, is charged with the responsibility to investigate the origin, cause and circumstances of undetermined, incendiary, suspicious fires, along with all fires where serious injury or death occur.
Areas of training and expertise include:
-   Scientific method and building construction                    

-   Fire dynamics and chemistry

 -  Fire pattern determination and analysis  
 -  Origin and cause/ fire scene examination methodology   

 -  Evidence identification and collection
  -Fire dynamics and chemistry 
All fire investigation personnel are certified by the State Fire Marshal and have attended supplemental training courses to enhance skill levels.  Additionally, in the event that the origin and cause of a fire is suspicious or exceeds the knowledge base of District personnel,  the DuPage County Fire Investigation Task Force will be contacted for assistance.

Investigation Scenes